Academic Questions

eISSN: 1936-4709pISSN: 0895-4852

Aims and Scope

Academic Questions is a quarterly journal published by Springer Science+Business Media on behalf of the National Association of Scholars. It covers issues concerning university education. In a review in The Times Literary Supplement, Jonathan Rauch noted the journal's ideological tone, writing, "Though written mainly by scholars, it is a missionary journal, not a scholarly one". Rauch concluded: "If at times hectoring, Academic Questions is that rare and useful thing among journals—a live wire." Less

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Topics Covered

Higher education
Critical race theory
Affirmative action
History of science
Academic integrity
Will to power
Academic freedom
Liberal education

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    Springer Nature

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How many articles did Academic Questions publish last year? Faqs

In 2022, Academic Questions publsihed 17 articles.

What is the eISSN & pISSN for Academic Questions? Faqs

For Academic Questions, eISSN is 1936-4709 and pISSN is 0895-4852.

What is the SJR for Academic Questions? Faqs

SJR for Academic Questions is Q4.

Who is the publisher of Academic Questions? Faqs

Springer Nature is the publisher of Academic Questions.