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BioTechniques: the International Journal of Life Science Methods is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal published by Future Science Group. It covers laboratory methods and techniques that are of broad interest to professional life scientists, as well as scientists from other disciplines (e.g. physics, chemistry, engineering, computer sciences) interested in life science applications of their technologies. The journal was established in 1983 by Eaton Associates, which was acquired in 2001 by Informa. The journal was then acquired by Future Science Group in 2018. It is distributed in both print and online form. Less

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Topics Covered

Reverse Transcription Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification
Oxidative stress
DNA extraction
Accelerated aging
Room temperature
genomic DNA
Virtual reality
Cloning vector
Immunoglobulin class
Mass spectrometry
Murine liver
Cell-free protein synthesis
Liquid biopsy
Western blot
Limulus amebocyte lysate
Restriction fragment length polymorphism

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How long has BioTechniques been actively publishing? Faqs

BioTechniques has been in operation since 1983 till date.

What is the publishing frequency of BioTechniques? Faqs

BioTechniques published with a Monthly frequency.

How many articles did BioTechniques publish last year? Faqs

In 2022, BioTechniques publsihed 66 articles.

What is the eISSN & pISSN for BioTechniques? Faqs

For BioTechniques, eISSN is 1940-9818 and pISSN is 0736-6205.

What is Citescore for BioTechniques? Faqs

Citescore for BioTechniques is 2.

What is the SJR for BioTechniques? Faqs

SJR for BioTechniques is Q3.

Who is the publisher of BioTechniques? Faqs

Eaton Publishing Co. is the publisher of BioTechniques.