Bell Labs Technical Journal

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Aims and Scope

The Bell Labs Technical Journal is the in-house scientific journal for scientists of Nokia Bell Labs, published yearly by the IEEE society. The managing editor is Charles Bahr. The journal was originally established as the Bell System Technical Journal (BSTJ) in New York by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1922, published under this name until 1983, when the breakup of the Bell System placed various parts of the system into separate companies. The journal was devoted to the scientific fields and engineering disciplines practiced in the Bell System for improvements in the wide field of electrical communication. After the restructuring of Bell Labs in 1984, the journal was renamed to AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal. In 1985, it was published as the AT&T Technical Journal until 1996, when it was renamed to Bell Labs Technical Journal. Less

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How long has Bell Labs Technical Journal been actively publishing? Faqs

Bell Labs Technical Journal has been in operation since 1996 till date.

What is the publishing frequency of Bell Labs Technical Journal? Faqs

Bell Labs Technical Journal published with a Annual frequency.

How many articles did Bell Labs Technical Journal publish last year? Faqs

In 2022, Bell Labs Technical Journal publsihed undefined articles.

What is the eISSN & pISSN for Bell Labs Technical Journal? Faqs

For Bell Labs Technical Journal, eISSN is 1538-7305 and pISSN is 1089-7089.

Who is the publisher of Bell Labs Technical Journal? Faqs

Lucent Technologies is the publisher of Bell Labs Technical Journal.