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Accounting Perspectives (French: Perspectives comptables) is an academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of The Canadian Academic Accounting Association. Accounting Perspectives is a peer-reviewed journal that provides new insights in Canadian accounting research, policy, and education. The journal publishes applied research, literature reviews, commentary, educational articles, and instructional cases that speak from and speak to the accounting community in Canada. Submissions may refer to data, resources, literature, or other materials outside the Canadian landscape. However, authors must be able to demonstrate the relevance of their work to the Canadian context. Less

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Psychological distress
Case teaching

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How long has Accounting Perspectives been actively publishing? Faqs

Accounting Perspectives has been in operation since 2001 till date.

What is the publishing frequency of Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

Accounting Perspectives published with a Semi-annual frequency.

How many articles did Accounting Perspectives publish last year? Faqs

In 2021, Accounting Perspectives publsihed 40 articles.

What is the eISSN & pISSN for Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

For Accounting Perspectives, eISSN is 1911-3838 and pISSN is 1911-382X.

What is Citescore for Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

Citescore for Accounting Perspectives is 1.

What is SNIP score for Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

SNIP score for Accounting Perspectives is 0.84.

What is the SJR for Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

SJR for Accounting Perspectives is 0.24.

Who is the publisher of Accounting Perspectives? Faqs

Wiley-Blackwell is the publisher of Accounting Perspectives.