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Yuliya Shtaltovna, Researcher.Life Ambassador

Trainer, Lecturer, Vice Chair & Comms Lead at ELTA, Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin

"Great checklist before the submission and neat design! ...You got me impressed, I had academic writing handy. After the first check got 62%, sat down for 20 more minutes of the close correction got 68%, 45 more minutes and got 74%, very encouraging and supportive."

Yufita Dwichinta

PhD, Environmental Science Hokkaido University, Japan

"This group absolutely has become a significant part on my PhD journey and mental health ... I get chances to learn and improve my academic writing skill through Shut Up and Write event and a discussion session on reviewing a manuscript with Karen Hall."

Ikenna Alban

Doctor, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

"I am now writing 7 manuscripts concurrently ... I had beautiful ideas in my head but lacked the capability of effectively transcribing them into writing. I subscribed to the manuscript writing course. By the time I received the last mail, I realised my proficiency in manuscript writing has improved so much".

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