Neural Network World

eISSN: 2336-4335 pISSN: 1210-0552

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  • Publisher Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Language English
  • Frequency Bi-monthly
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  • Language English
  • Frequency Bi-monthly
  • Publication Start Year 1991
  • Publisher URL Visit website

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How long has Neural Network World been actively publishing?

Neural Network World has been in operation since 1991 till date.

What is the publishing frequency of Neural Network World ?

Neural Network World published with a Bi-monthly frequency.

How many articles did Neural Network World publish last years ?

In 2022, Neural Network World published articles.

What is the eISSN & pISSN for Neural Network World ?

For Neural Network World,eISSN is 2336-4335 and pISSN is1210-0552.

What is Citescore for Neural Network World ?

Citescore for Neural Network World is 2.

What is H index for Neural Network World ?

H index for Neural Network World is 23.

Who is the publisher of Neural Network World ?

Czech Academy of Sciences is the publisher of Neural Network World.